Sunday, 31 January 2016

National Anthem

National Anthem : The song which unites us all, which is the way to pay tribute to motherland, which fills all our eyes.

It was opening match of Pro Kabaddi season 3. Popular actor Amir khan was singing "Jana Gana Mana..." song. I was watching it with my close friends around me and I was still sitting and others are busy in their own works, after the song got over an argument sparked up. My friend told "if you are not standing up while the National anthem is running, please mute it please don't disrespect it". His point was completely valid, But only if it is Notional anthem. Then I started a serious argument and told that I wont accept Jana gana mana as National anthem. and when It was about to transform into an interesting argument, my other friend cracked a joke on discussion and the whole intention of mine broken down, and the Kabaddi match got started...

Here are my clarifications my friend on my argument,

1. We Bharatiyas believe our nation Bharata (India) as form of our mother, and Jana gana mana uses attributes like "Bhagya vidhata", "Adhinayaka" which we cant be used for Mother.

2. If You take it in a spiritual way , these lines seems to be praising Lord, but no where it is explicitly mentioned. we can guess this as Rabindranath Tagore was a great hindu Nobel literate.

3. We will not recite complete song, only and only one phrase of the original song has been taken and named it as "National Anthem". which is insult to Ravindranath tagore. 

4.Meaning of Anthem is "A rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group". After knowing the meaning of the song I didn't feel this when compared to other songs like Vande mataram.

5. Reason why I am stressing on Vande mataram is that It played a vital role in the Indian Independence movement. which can be obvious reason to make it feel Patriotic than Jana gana mana.

6. There is no doubt that Jana gana mana is one of the master piece of Rabindranath tagore. I like to sing 100 times a day. But still always feel Vande mataram is Far better patriotic song than this.

7. Finally, leaving all odds, If around me, people stand up in a patriotic mood on listening to Jana gana mana, I too better opt to stand up with respect, since officially this is our current anthem and I don't want to hurt anyone's patriotism, because I brought up by learning "Yatha the teshu varteran, tatha teshu vartethah" from shiksha valli of Taitariya upanishad... But, my friend, I didn't see you standing up. So I carried on with my thought.


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