Sunday, 31 January 2016

National Anthem

National Anthem : The song which unites us all, which is the way to pay tribute to motherland, which fills all our eyes.

It was opening match of Pro Kabaddi season 3. Popular actor Amir khan was singing "Jana Gana Mana..." song. I was watching it with my close friends around me and I was still sitting and others are busy in their own works, after the song got over an argument sparked up. My friend told "if you are not standing up while the National anthem is running, please mute it please don't disrespect it". His point was completely valid, But only if it is Notional anthem. Then I started a serious argument and told that I wont accept Jana gana mana as National anthem. and when It was about to transform into an interesting argument, my other friend cracked a joke on discussion and the whole intention of mine broken down, and the Kabaddi match got started...

Here are my clarifications my friend on my argument,

1. We Bharatiyas believe our nation Bharata (India) as form of our mother, and Jana gana mana uses attributes like "Bhagya vidhata", "Adhinayaka" which we cant be used for Mother.

2. If You take it in a spiritual way , these lines seems to be praising Lord, but no where it is explicitly mentioned. we can guess this as Rabindranath Tagore was a great hindu Nobel literate.

3. We will not recite complete song, only and only one phrase of the original song has been taken and named it as "National Anthem". which is insult to Ravindranath tagore. 

4.Meaning of Anthem is "A rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group". After knowing the meaning of the song I didn't feel this when compared to other songs like Vande mataram.

5. Reason why I am stressing on Vande mataram is that It played a vital role in the Indian Independence movement. which can be obvious reason to make it feel Patriotic than Jana gana mana.

6. There is no doubt that Jana gana mana is one of the master piece of Rabindranath tagore. I like to sing 100 times a day. But still always feel Vande mataram is Far better patriotic song than this.

7. Finally, leaving all odds, If around me, people stand up in a patriotic mood on listening to Jana gana mana, I too better opt to stand up with respect, since officially this is our current anthem and I don't want to hurt anyone's patriotism, because I brought up by learning "Yatha the teshu varteran, tatha teshu vartethah" from shiksha valli of Taitariya upanishad... But, my friend, I didn't see you standing up. So I carried on with my thought.


Thank you all for reading. Please share your comments.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

'Idol'ogy - Not just scientifically proved.

Hi all, after a long break I am back in blogging with one of the interesting topic. 

Recently, I was stunned by my friend's reaction when I tried to explain reason behind one of our old tradition. His reply was prompt too. Here are his words, "Now-a-days every one is tagging their non-sense blind tradition with a bull shit Scientific reason" and he went on to say about his thoughts where he told that our tradition values only idols but not the devotion. Devotion needs no idol to be worshiped, we just need to feel it.!. As there is not much preferences given to idol worshiping in other popular religions.

For me the first part of his reply found to be logical and an experienced one too. People are just using those two words "Scientifically proved" blindly to prove something which is illogical. But the later part of his reply was seriously unacceptable.

So what do you think, Do we really need idols for the purpose of praising and praying???

Here is an answer. Ultimately and obviously has a spiritual purpose also. Feelings of an individual has many dimensions, so as the reason behind our devotion. This very reason of devotion make us to pray and praise the god. According to Upanishats (Ishavasya) in every action we do, we must feel the presence of god. without him nothing can be existent. The emotional vibrancy we get when we see the idol of Lord Ugra Narasimha  is completely different from that of Rama idol. Same holds good with Hanumantha, ganesha etc idols. Basically its the mental stability what we get when we are depressed. That's why when we see our scripts, solution for different types of issues/problems points out worshiping different gods.
(Likewise there are many situations where we need a idol which represent the solutions to our thoughts)

Quoting an example historically, Bala Gangadhara Tilak used worshiping Ganesha idol as a tool to build back the unity among the freedom fighters by carrying out processions locally throughout the country. Interestingly purana says worshiping Ganesha helps in improving team building skills.

Hope this is not just a scientific reason my friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading...:-)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Often Believe Blindly

I started this series of article to showcase on the reasons behind our Tradition.

Moving on, today I like to share about one of most powerful of them. Sometimes if we keep practicing this, it will prove blind and meaningless. If we stop doing this, our life become meaningless. It is everyone's secret. Energy booster. Patience builder.  It is "Trust" or "Belief".

Yes, It is a tradition, Elders at home build this factor stronlgy in our mind at various steps of childhood. Actually without having this very faith, no goal can be achieved. It builds relationships, emotions, strength, help us going together, what not..!! I quoted it as one's secret. Yes every one of us having a habit of predicting something for the future and believe that it will happen at sure at crucial times. Logically it is foolish. But, Faith doesn't stand on logic. It just does its job.

Spiritually saying, Every result is associated with the doer "Belief". You have to believe before you do. or else it is never complete. Our tradition teaches you to give your 100% and just believe that god is with us.

Another factor which stops having faith in any result is the "feasibility". Before we believe in something, we need a previous experience of succeeding. But, unfortunately everything cannot be experienced in prior. Have to become blind at some point. Isn't it?.

Now a day, I have seen lot of youngsters denying to follow their culture with a reason "I don’t believe in all these”. If I ask why??, they say, there is no scientific reason behind it.!!! It is true that we are blindly following some rituals (Unfortunately). But lots of things are proven, which proves that that our ancestors were not fools to create such things. They are tried and tested then accepted ones.

if you need proof for everything around you, then will you ask your mother the proof of your father????. No, Right... So you just Blindly believe.!!!!!

Thanks for reading.. :-)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bhagavadgita in Doubt!!!!

What others were doing when Bhagavadgita was told by Krishna to Arjuna. How Krishna managed to tell all those slokas in war field???

This is another question from same old enthusiastic friend, yes, he is now more of friend than colleague.. :-)

 So, What is your opinion, What others were doing? If Arjuna understood the very meaning of it why didn't Bheeshma and Dronacharya get its essence?

Firstly, Arjuna was not that much poor student who need that much detailed description from Lord. Actually, Bhagavadgita is written by Vedavyasa after the war, This is specially formed because of complete understanding of conversation happened between the two. This kaliyuga is specifically known for disturbed mind, meaning, the destruction  first happens in mind. Kali does attack on minds, That's it. rest happens automatically. To clean this dirty mind OR to keep this ever happening mind clean, a detailed form of conversation written by Vedavyasa. 

Scenario : Arjuna gets depressed as he has to face the situation where his own guru stands in opposition. Gets Emotional. Then Krishna makes him understand the situation and builds his mind to get ready as he must fight for the Good. So vedavyasa thought these are the key points which can tune our mind. Hence created a detailed report of it and named Bhagavadgita.

Secondly, The Big guns in opposition thought, it might be a usual conversation happened over Krishna & Arjuna. Moreover they knew these truth. only reason they stood for Duryodhana is they were under the shelter of Dritarashtra.

There are still many reasons, these are very few things which I producing here, as I already clarified that these are dealings of Deities. Difficult to understand. Here the Doubts should be clarified, but not to be used as reason to ESCAPE.

Thanks for reading.. I am Escapingggg :-) :-)

Special thanks to your comments friends.. It really encourages me, helps me to post further posts.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ganapathi: The Most worshipped, most questioned.!!!!

One of the beautiful story from the puranas is Ganapathi-Paarvathi-Shiva story where ganapathi gets a replacement for his head. Ganapathi is most worshiped god among Hindus but unfortunately most questioned too..:-(

I was stunned to see a comment from other religion guy in Facebook, calling the above mentioned story as "Family drama" and had a daunting question "how you accept such a cruel Shiva as your god???". Further he dared to use vulgar/slang words to describe the story.

This Post of mine is not only the answer to such rubbish comments, but also enable the knowledge and essence behind story into your mind so that you can give slapping answer to that rather being in doubt.


There are 24 qualities (tatvas) that make up this wonderful universe. For those 24, there are Controllers/Deity for each. Likewise,

Ganapathi --- Deity of Ether ( Akasha tatva )
Paartvathi --
Deity of Speech ( Maathu )
Shiva ---
Deity for controlling Mind ( Manassu )

Very briefly, Story goes like this.

1. Paarvathi wanted a guard when she was going for bath.
2. Using her powers, Out of dust on her outer body she made an idol & filled it with life.
3. She instructed not to allow anybody to pass him.
4. Ganapathi encounters Shiva, Ganapathi denied Shiva to pass him as per the strict command from his mother.
5. Shiva gets angry, fights with Ganapathi. Ganapathi looses his Head.

There is a speciality of every Puranic Scripts . That the reader can understand only as per his grasping quality. If he/she is poor in grasping, then result of it will make them to say it a Family drama....:-) Remember its not acts of humans, these are dealings of gods, it will be something unusual and interesting. Yes, in one viewpoint it is a drama to teach us the lesson of life.

But, Let's analyze. I am taking above steps and try to extract real logical sense out of it.

1. When you want to speak out, U need a medium/guard who can take care of your words and take it to destination. (Paartvathi -- Deity of Speech)

2. The medium is nothing but Space (Expression of words) which carries the your spoken words. Or It might be a messenger who carries your message. (Ganapathi ---
Deity of Ether)

3. Space should be clear and far from disturbance to carry the sound as is. Or The messenger should be honest and follow the instruction given. 

4. More Importantly, It has to be agreeable with your Thoughts (Shiva). Thinking something and talking something else should not be the case.

5. If your expression of words (Ganapathi/parvathi) not go in sync with mind (Shiva), then you will definitely loose your head weight in future.

Anybody thought of this thought????!!!! If I summarize it, it provides a beautiful lesson that "Every word should be Mindful". Very meaningful.

And Now My answer to that unfortunate creature who don't have patience of knowing the meaning before commenting on it is "In Our Religion, even Family Dramas also teach lessons!!!!" Garvadinda garjisuve, Nanobba Hindu.

Stop pointing start praising. Thanks for Reading.....:-)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Field of Influence!!!

Whichever Hindu temple you visit, One thing you see in common. An Arch surrounding the icon. Filled with attractive designs made up of brass or silver or gold. It is called Prabhavali. Did you anytime question yourself that why size and shape of Prabhavali is  common irrespective of difference in icons. You find almost similar kind of design throughout the temples around the globe. what will be its size? what is the idea behind this Prabhavali?

To understand this we need some insights on Energy field created out of any living body. For example below figure depicts various fields created out of Human body. Starting from physical existence till spiritual presence it occupy a distance of 10 inches, where a body's spiritual aura ends. i.e. Your influence in space is of 10 inches from your body. Basically Prabhavali symbolizes this field of influence. Hence the Prabhavali around the icons placed exactly 10 inches apart.

Further, this mental and spiritual aura is directly connected to our mind and its thoughts. Its color varies from dark blue to red. dark blue representing pureness in the thoughts and red representing bad thoughts. scripts quote the who are spiritually elevated beings can sense this color of aura and judge A person.

Thanks for reading...:-)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Action - Devotion

What is Devotion (Bhakti). How should be our devotion.

Now A days, I constantly hear from my friends that "Devotion should be in the heart not in action!!!" I wonder how nicely they got this escape tag line.

Listen up my friends, Is it possible that "You still work for your company, when employer says I am very much thankful to you, heartly I welcome your dedication and I pray for god to bless you without crediting single rupee to your bank account!!!???" "No Action, Full satisfaction". Can life be actionless???

No. So as devotion, Devotion is both action and a thought. Please don't escape by rendering your own taglines. Every task has its own physical and spiritual importance in our religion. Devotion too. Often Devotion is mistaken with prayer, prayer needs devotion but by itself it is not devotion.

How should be our devotion towards god?? Who is called a supreme devotee?

I like to quote a beautiful observation from Ramayana, Hanuman's devotion towards Rama. Every other scripts refers it as pure form of devotion. His dedication was unimaginable. After war has been won by Rama in Lanka, Rama express his thanks to everyone who helped him all along. While deciding on ultimate contributor to this mission, unanimously Hanuman's name comes up. Rama without hesitating asks hanuman to ask for anything he wants!!! Anything.

Now understand the weight of that boon. The giver is lord Rama, capable of giving anything and everyting. Omnipotent. Seriously, If I would have been there in place of hanuman, might have asked for a newly built 60 X 40 house in Jayanagar Bangalore. ;-) . But it was Hanumantha, Jeevotthama. (clever than anyone else) Instead of asking Owner's property he asked for owner himself. He says,

 || ಪ್ರವರ್ಧತಾಂ  ಭಕ್ತಿರಲಂ  ಕ್ಷಣೆ ಕ್ಷಣೆ  ತ್ವಈಶ  ಮೇ  ಹ್ರಾಸವಿವರ್ಜಿತಾ  ಸದಾ ||

"I need nothing than you!!! just Put in me some more devotion towards you so that I can praise you, serve you even more, forever".

What a classy answer, actually for the service he provided to Rama he could have demanded anything, but he just begs in front of supreme and he knows because of extreme devotion towards him made all this possible, only I can ask is some more of it.

But our devotion is name sake, We get everything but behave like employer in the example. Just praise not serve.

When situation comes where we enjoy the fruitful result of our efforts, somewhere we forget how this fruitfulness is achieved and sell out our valuable efforts to cheap attractive things. Finally nothing left behind than to realize.

See, in case of hanuman there was action (of serving god, destroying demons, bringing godess sita back home) and a thought (Need nothing in return, its just for your pleasure) to impress god. Devotion is an act of impressing the supreme being with our thoughts and service.

Escaping statements can make you smarter but service make you impressive.

So Actionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading... :-)